One man shocks his friends after investigating the footsteps in his attic

While on a video chat with his friends, one man revealed he had been hearing footsteps coming from his attic. His mates convinced him to go and check it out which lead to them all getting an awful fright.

In a video shared on Twitter, Rob Savage admitted to his friends that there he had been hearing footsteps coming from the attic. Rob's friends convinced the man that it might just be rats but to be safe he should just go and check it out.

We have all seen stories of people finding homeless strangers camped out in their basements, attics and secret rooms. It's everyone's worst nightmare to find out that every night while they are asleep some unknown assailant was creeping downstairs to eat fro their fridge. This is what Rob's friends believed when he decided to explore the noises.

Savage grabbed a knife and a torch and headed up into what can only be described as one of the creepiest attics ever seen. You can hear the fear emitting from Rob's friends as he shines a light down on what appears to be towers of storage bags and boxes.

As he turns around to scan the area a bloodcurdling scream can be heard as a child jumps out and reaches for the camera. Terrified noises were also coming from Rob's friends as the man falls down the ladder and lies motionless on the ground.

But, the ruse doesn't last for long and Savage's mates come to realise they have been victims of the most elaborate prank. Savage is actually an award-winning filmmaker who had been posting on Twitter for weeks about the person he believed to be in his attic. The jump was actually taken from the horror film REC. Savage tweeted back in March:

The clip has already gone viral and has had over 90,000 views. Although many of Savage's followers expected the jump scare they admitted it still gave them one hell of a fright. One user commented:

I jumped entirely out of my own dang skin.

Another follower stated:

Fantastic. In totally unrelated news I'm not going in the attic. Ever.

Fair enough, we wouldn't either! Check out the video above to witness the perfectly executed scare.

One man used Twitter to tell the story of a terrifying haunting One man used Twitter to tell the story of a terrifying haunting