One American Woman Bit a Camels Testicles in ‘Self Defence’

The events took place in the town of Grosse Tete, Louisiana. The woman was at a petting zoo with her husband and their deaf dog when the pet crawled into a camel's pen.

One American Woman Bit a Camels Testicles in ‘Self Defence’
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When you go on a trip somewhere you've never been before, you have to be very careful about what you do,read warning signs and respect the rules of the place you're visiting.

A Florida couple was travelling in a truck and stopped at the Tiger Truck Stop, a petting zoo that many drivers stop to visit. They brought their dog with them.

The dog's owner was playing with the pet, throwing treats for the dog to fetch. But things went south when one of the treats landed on the other side of the fence, in Caspar the camel's enclosure.

According to the police, the couple immediately crawled inside,invading the camel's space, which was strictly prohibited. They entered the enclosure to get their dog, but the camel wouldn't let them out just yet.

The camel sat on the woman, crushing her. So, to defend herself,she bit its testicles. According to the owner of the petting zoo: "The camel did nothing wrong. They were aggressive. The camel was just doing its normal routine.” What do you think?

In Louisiana, where the events took place, dog owners are legally obligated to have their dogs on a leash on private property. The Florida couple was therefore cited for a leash violation.