Mysterious video shows a man falling off a three storey building before getting up and walking away

Footage emerged of a terrifying accident as a Moscow worker loses his grip and tumbles from the roof of a three-storey apartment building.

If you have a fear of heights look away! A clip taken by a concerned resident from a nearby block shows a maintenance worker in a bright orange gear working to clear the snow from the roof of a building in Moscow, Russia.

The man was doing well clearing all the snow before he started to struggle to reach the next section. In a fearsome misstep upon the slanted and uneven surface, the unidentified man can be seen losing his grip before sliding down the roof and falling from the top of the building before crashing in a deep layer of snow.

In a near-miracle, the man is helped up by two fellow workers before he appears to be walking whilst he is supported by the two oh his co-workers who helped the man back onto his feet. It's a miracle he even survived...Although all the snow probably broke his fall.

The man seemed a little groggy at first but sure enough, he was mostly able to walk it off. Russain Authorities released a statement about the fall that read:

On January 31, during the snow clearing, an employee of the management company fell from the roof of a house located on Baumanskaya Street. The injured was taken to the hospital where he was provided with all the necessary help. On this fact, a pre-investigation check is conducted on the grounds of a crime, provided for by Part 1 of Art. 143 of the Criminal Code ('violation of labor protection requirements'). The investigators will establish all the circumstances of the incident

It has been reported that the injured worker has promptly been taken to the hospital, however, the extent of his injures remain unclear. Thus far, no further information has been released.

See the full footage above.

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