Motorcyclist Heroically Saves Woman From Suicide Attempt

A dramatic event unfolded when traffic was stopped on a popular London road, because of a woman wanting to end her life. Whilst the majority of bystanders sat patiently in their cars, one motorcyclist stepped in when nobody else would.

Despite the evident risk factor associated with riding motorbikes, motorcyclists can cut through busy traffic effortlessly.

This is exactly what one hero motorcyclist did when he realised a woman was in the road, holding up traffic on a busy road in London.

With nobody leaving their cars to go and assist, the bewildered motorbike rider who filmed the whole series of events on his helmet camera, went in to help the woman in trouble. The woman who was at first unresponsive had tried to end her life by suffocating herself whilst sitting in the middle of the road.

The motorcyclist quickly found out that the woman had deliberately tied a black rope-like material around her neck and subsequently untied it. With the public only then coming to assist, one of which was a qualified first aider, they laid her in the recovery position despite her saying “I want to die, let me die”.

One things for sure is that, if not for this everyday hero, this woman may not be alive today. If anything, it further highlights the growing problem of suicide that we have in this country.

Remember if you need help, you can call the Samaritans on 116123.

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