Men Spends 7 Hours Per Year Looking For Peace And Quiet In The Toilet

Men Spends 7 Hours Per Year Looking For Peace And Quiet In The Toilet

Believe it or not, toilets for many men are an extremely important place, and not just because it’s a place to go when nature calls. A British study has revealed that 25% of men would not be able to face the challenges of everyday life if they didn’t have access to their all important toilets.

Pebble Gray, a British company specialising in lavatories, recently wondered how much time, on average, people spent in the ‘office’. The company commissioned a study using a thousand men.

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According to the results obtained and reported by Glamor, men spend an average of seven hours per year in the bathroom. Contrary to what one might think, the respondents do not lock themselves in there only to relieve themselves. The majority of them say that they don’t necessarily go to the toilet because of a pressing need.

They go to the toilet for another reason

Why are men so attracted to their toilets? If they spend a lot of time in there it’s because it’s somewhere they can find peace, and gather their thoughts in silence. For many, this moment of meditation allows them to use their smartphone, and escape from their partner and children for just a moment.45% of respondents say they struggle to find time for themselves and therefore try to make up this time in the toilet. 25% feel that they spend so many hours there because their partners are not aware of the intensity and difficulty of their daily lives. Finally, a quarter of respondents believe that life's challenges would simply be insurmountable without the haven of the toilet. It is therefore not surprising to see that 23% consider their toilets as their ‘safe place.’ If men just want to relax they could find somewhere a bit more comfortable at least…

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