Man tries to re-enact GTA in real life and gets 160 years in prison

Hear ye, hear ye, human stupidity has just reached unprecedented heights. A certain Ryan Stone, tried to re-enact scenes from GTA in real life.

People are getting over-excited

Many are still waiting for more news about the release of GTA 6, making some go stir-crazy, and show an overly vivid imagination. While the court's decision may seem at first glance completely exaggerated, it should be noted that our simpleton of the day, Ryan Stone, is not new to public offences. His status of severe repeat offender obviously did not help his case. Regarding the events for which he was accused this time, here are a select few: multiple car-jackings (he even ended up with a newborn in one of the stolen cars), high-speed chase with the police which turned into an homicide attempt on an agent...


He wanted to make money on YouTube

The act in itself was already reprehensible enough, but Ryan Stone made his situation even worse by bragging in prison, during an interview with a young woman. He claimed to have committed these crimes in order to earn advertising revenue from YouTube. Indeed, several news channels covered the event and he somehow believed he had 'rights' over the images taken. He even boasted of having seen footage from his pursuit on English and Australian channels... Maybe he should have done like every other player and stayed on the game to assuage his maladjusted tendencies.

Unfortunately for him, he has no right to what turned out to be irrefutable evidence if his wrong-doings, and even if he somehow had any claim, it is estimated that the income generated on Youtube by his cavalcade is just under $5,000. 160 years in prison for 5000 bucks, now that is quite the miscalculation...

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