Man swallowed entire phone and lived with it inside for half a year

An unnamed Egyptian man was rushed to the hospital where he required emergency surgery after having a mobile phone lodged in his stomach for over six months.

After complaining of unbearable pain in his abdomen, the man made his way to Aswan University Hospital in the south of Egypt where he was initially treated for abdominal and intestinal infections.

But it did not take doctors much time to make the gruesome discovery after having X-rays done on the patient that revealed the object to be stuck inside of him.

How did the phone make its way inside?

Perhaps the most chilling part of the unusual event is that the man later confessed to intentionally swallowing the mobile phone six months prior. He apparently felt too embarrassed to have said anything and assumed that the device would eventually pass naturally. Boy was he wrong.

He eventually required emergency surgery as the lodged cellphone could have cost the man his own life. Mohamed El-Dahshoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aswan University Hospitals, was left speechless after admitting he had never been confronted with such a case. The man in question is now set to make a full recovery.

Not the first time this has happened

Although the occurrence is highly unusual, it isn't the first time the world has seen it happened. As it turns out, surgeons in Kosovo were forced to perform a similar surgery. When a 33-year-old patient managed to swallow an entire classic Nokia mobile phone—colloquially known as the 'brick phone'—Dr. Skender Telaku had to find a way of safely removing it from the man's body. The surgeon explained that:

I got a call about a patient who swallowed an object, and after carrying out a scan we noticed that the phone had split into three parts.

And added:

Out of all the parts, it was the battery that concerned us most because it could have potentially exploded in the man's stomach.
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