Man spent £3,000 to enlarge his penis by 2 cm

The 60-minute surgery involved injecting autologous fat obtained from his area into the penis.

It is often said that size doesn’t matter, but for this man who has been shamed for his small penis, he would stop at nothing to add on a few inches. He admitted to paying £3,000 to have his member enlarged and lengthened.

Below Average

The 36- year-old man from Germany has always been dissatisfied with his three-inch (7.5 cm) penis and have had sexual partners mock him for it. More so because the German average length is 13 cm (five inches).

Murat. K. said he’s been trying different methods over the years to grow his penis, but nothing seemed to have worked.

I tried pills, creams, penis pumps and expanders to lengthen my penis. I spent over 1,000 euros - nothing helped! One of them told me right in the face that I wasn't well-equipped

2 cm More Confidence

He decided to visit a doctor in Hanover who specializes in adding 2 cm in length and girth to small penises using the autologous fat method.

This involves injecting autologous fat obtained from the stomach area into the penis. Dr. Christian Kerpen, 49, is the cosmetic surgeon who performed the 60-minute operation on Murat.

Having performed over 300 penis enlargement surgeries, he said that although it may not seem like much, two centimetres in size goes a long way to boost the confidence of men with tiny penises.

Two centimetres in length and girth - make a big difference. You can argue about the right size, circumference or shape. But more and more men are unhappy about their sex organ, and their self-confidence suffers as a result.
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