Man Offers to Resign From His Job After He Livestreams Himself in the Shower

Have you ever had the dream where you're standing naked in front of your classmates or co-workers? Well, that dream has seemingly become more real during the confinement as we've been hearing countless stories of people caught in their birthday suits during video calls and Zoom meetings.

We get it, this is a new experience for most of us, sometimes it can be hard to navigate new technology. The constant communication with your co-workers via google hangouts or video calls. It can be distracting and we can sometimes do things without thinking about them.

This is exactly what happened to a municipal councillor in Spain. He along with a handful of other councillors video called into the meeting surrounds the issues the small municipality of Torrelavega is facing during these times.

The conference, that was being live-streamed to residents and journalists started at 8 am. As the meeting dragged on, Bernardo Bustillo, who only works part-time with the local government feared he was coming dangerously close to overlapping on some commitments he had made to his daughter as well as ensuring he got to his second job as a swim instructor on-time.

He figured he had one option. Continue listening to the meeting and at the same time, prepare himself to go out and face the world. He decided to bring his laptop into the bathroom with him and listen to the meeting while he took a shower. He popped the computer on the counter, minimized the chat screen and proceeded to strip down and pop in the shower.

Unfortunately for him, his camera was still on. As he showered and an image popped up on the main chat screen. Much was hidden thanks to a pane of frosted glass in his shower, however, as his colleagues tried to call and warn him that he was on camera, their attempts failed due to the sounds of running water drowning out the rings form his cellphone.

In a tweet addressing the situation, Bernardo mentioned that he was 'at peace' with what had transpired. Blaming the incident on a lack of technical knowledge. He stated he was comfortable with his body and not worried about what people thought:

I’ve spent half of my life half-naked and have never been ashamed of nudity, whether my own or that of others... I can’t help but regret that the end of my political life … has to do with my nakedness, which isn’t a big deal.

Bernado's story isn't the only like this to pop up in recent months. From a reporter who ended up showing her husband in the shower live on air to an Irish MEP who displayed himself without trousers on. These are stories that seem to be happening more and more due to the boom in people working from home thanks to the coronavirus. Try to be smart and ensure it doesn't happen to you.

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