Man jailed and caned for inserting marker and battery in girlfriend’s privates

A Singapore man was arrested and caned because he inserted a marker and battery into his girlfriend's privates.

On Monday, a man was sentenced to 13 years, seven months, and 92 days in prison for sexually torturing his girlfriend after she allegedly stole some of his belongings. Additionally, the 32-year-old unemployed man was also sentenced to 12 cane strokes. The accused and his cousin, a 33-year-old packer, had physically abused the victim until she agreed to compensate them for the allegedly stolen items, which included a power bank and an e-scooter.

Further, the man threatened to beat his girlfriend until she gave in to the sexual torture. This is when he inserted two objects—a white marker and a cylindrical battery—in her private parts. The battery had become trapped within and could only be extracted later by medical assistance. The accused finally pleaded guilty to the sexual assault and other crimes that he had committed in the past.

Thrashed over theft

The man accused his girlfriend of an alleged theft in November 2018 and beat her until she agreed to pay $300 compensation for the stolen goods. The accused and his cousin both slapped, kicked, and manhandled the woman that caused her lacerations on her head and her shirt to tear. Later, while she was taken into the bedroom to clean the blood off her body, her hair was forcefully cut, and she was forced into sexual assault.

The man threatened to beat the woman to death if she disobeyed. She fearfully inserted the objects in her privates, while the cousin sat and watched. On complaining about the pain, she was asked to remove the objects, but she failed to remove the battery from within. Not realizing the gravity of the situation, the man and his cousin later took the woman to the bank to withdraw the $300, and, on realizing her account was empty, they started beating her on the road again. A woman then called the police and the two were arrested.

Not the first time

Back in 2016, the same man had brutally assaulted his then-girlfriend, who died hours after the assault. He punched her in the body and beat her with a belt and hangers for two hours. The victim's physical condition worsened following the incident, but the accused did not seek medical help for her out of fear of being caught. After a 40-minute pounding, the victim died.

In his current sentencing, the judge on the case realized the man’s pattern and his callous behaviour towards the victims. Saddened by the gravity of the two situations, the judge hoped this sentence would help the accused gain some perspective, and he would reflect and adopt on a straight path.

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