Man immediately regrets throwing rocks into traffic after driver seeks revenge

Depending on how you look at it, the situation that unfolds in the graphic video above about could be considered justice or a violent act of road rage. We have to advise against both courses of action however the video has provided entertainment for many and left lots of others in shock.

In the video that was posted to Reddit, a Chicago man was captured hurling stones at passing traffic with no concern for the safety of other people.

Surely the man could be charged for attempted assault or destruction of property in the slightest. However, the man continues to throw debris at cars speeding by seemingly not expecting anything ill to come of it.

That's when he makes the mistake of nearly hitting what appears to be a relatively new white Ford Fusion driving down the road. The car, which was heading away from the man slowly comes to a stop in the middle of the road, which is also not recommended.

The Ford then attempts to pull a U-turn, almost endangering an oncoming driver in the process. Once he's able to complete the manoeuvre the driver does something completely unexpected. He mounts the curb and heads straight for the man who was throwing stones.

Not expecting it and too slow to get out of the way the man is hit, and pretty hard by the looks of it. He is sent flipping and flying through the air and lands hard on the concrete sidewalk. The man recording the video is in shock repeatedly screaming 'Oh sh*t'.


Astonishingly the man that was hit stands up and dusts himself off, undoubtedly sustaining at least minor injuries but perhaps a bigger blow to his ego. Hopefully, this taught him a lesson about messing with other peoples property or endangering other peoples lives. The driver behind the wheel of the Ford Fusion pulls another U-turn to head back in the direction he was before he decided to run the man down.

Neither course of action is recommended here as either person could be charged, whether it's reckless driving and a hit and run, or destruction of property, these are flat outcrimes and either act is punishable according to the law.

Don't take matters into your own hands, call the police and let the law sort them out.

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