Man Gets Carried Out By Son After Going On an Anti-Mask Tirade

One poor son suffered the height of embarrassment after he was forced to resort to carrying his father out of a store after going on an anti-mask tirade...and the whole thing was caught on camera.

The anti-mask man stands about swearing obscenities at passers by wearing masks at a Sprouts Farmers Market in Tuscon, Arizona.

While the younger men stood awkwardly around the grumpy figure, a witness films the shocking scene and the man's screaming tirade can be heard. He shouts abuse at masks-wearers and tells them they have a 'f***ing doily' on their faces:

These people won't learn. You're a bunch of idiots wearing masks you know it's not real. Look at you fools you got a f***ing doily on your face, r****d.

The man continued to tell people they looked like idiots, blissfully unaware that he was the one having a tantrum in the middle of a supermarket:

You look like you f***ing got off your mum's counter top. You look like an idiot...

Then, one bold and brave mask-wearing hero tries to stand up to the aggressor and he calmly told the guy 'You can't be yelling at people'.

But, the attempt to be the bigger man just enraged the bare-faced bully even more and he hit back:

You're a dork, look at you, you giant f***ing dork. What are you going to do? Come outside, come outside and show me how tough you are!

The call to take matters outside must have set off alarm bells for other young guys as two of them try to push the man away from the shopper before things escalated even more.

Eventually one of the younger men, who turned out to be the son of the deranged screamer, decides that enough is enough and just carries him outside.


As he's being carried away the man shouts his last words of freedom:

I'll beat that f***ing mask off your face like a f***ing r****d, f***ing p*****s. You're a bunch of p*****s wearing masks!

He then knocks over a sign out the front of the shop while a customer happily chimes in saying 'goodbye!'

The great mask debate

As the coronavirus continues to sweep across the world, many people have come together to rally against masks. In July hundreds of people came together in Hyde Park, London to protest the new mask-wearing regulations.

The protest was organised by an organisation called 'Keep Britain Free' who describe themselves as:

A new movement representing the millions of people who want to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own lives.

However, wearing a mask is a simple and selfless way to reduce the chances of spreading and contracting the virus in combination with other procedures such as hand washing and social distancing. Wearing a mask is also now law in many public spaces in the UK and you could be fined if caught without one.

To witness the man's ridiculous tirade, check out the video above!

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