Man eats testicles to stay in best shape of his life

Brian Johnson is an American man who enjoys eating a pound of liver everyday, accompanied by testicles and bone marrow to stay as healthy as possible.

The 40-something year-old man decided to ditch all processed foods in favour of what he calls an 'ancestral' lifestyle.

Hearts, testicles and bone marrow

His diet is very limited in terms of what he allows himself to ingest, which comprises mostly of liver, testicles and other animal organ meats. Most surprising about his diet is that most of what he consumes is completely raw.

Johnson's goal is to only eat the most nutritious foods and stay away from comfort food and otherwise unhealthy options as much as possible. He explains that he chose to embark on this health journey when one of his children became seriously ill and decided with his partner to completely change the family's overall lifestyle. He said:

We did what all parents would do: we tried everything. And that’s where our journey began.

And added:

First, we eliminated processed foods. We began to reintroduce the nutrition of our ancestors: seasonal fruits and vegetables, nose-to-tail animals including the most nutrient-dense part of all. The liver.

The Liver King

The self-proclaimed 'Liver King' lives by what he calls the '9 Ancestral Tenets' which include strict rules on eating, exercise and sleeping. And although the lifestyle regimen is extremely demanding, Johnson claims to be in the best shape of his life.

He also says that the rest of his family has also benefitted from the rippling effects of extreme clean eating. He explains that:

Within just two weeks, we saw radical change in our boys’ wellbeing. Our own too. Two decades later, I eat a pound of liver every single day.

Before adding:

If you want more, you have to become more, so stretch yourself, leave the comfort of the cave, do something drastically different (for the betterment of you, and the betterment of humanity), and break new ground like a good evolutionary hunter does.
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