Man caught on camera wrestling shark with his bare hands

In a shocking video that has gone viral, a man attempts to wrestle a shark with his bear hands.

Man caught on camera wrestling shark with his bare hands
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In what appears to be a drunken night out with friends, a group of lads decided to record one of their own jumping in a body of water with a shark in it.

A potentially life-threatening face off

But not only did the man in question jump in the water knowing the shark would be in it, he, as is clearly seen in the footage, attempts to wrestle it. The video shows the man leaping in with the intention of grabbing the small shark and wrestling it, but is unable to do so as the shark quickly escapes his grasp.

The group of men surrounding the overly-confident daredevil explode in laughter, and one of them can be heard urging him to swim away from the potentially deadly predator.

Twitter claps back

Luckily, both the man and the shark were unharmed and were eventually able to go their separate ways. However, the response on Twitter was less than favourable for the young man. One user said:

I’ve never rooted for a shark to attack someone till I saw this video.

While another added:

It would be funny if some unknown monster dragged him to the depths shortly after. The hooting and hollering would turn to shrieking rather quickly. It would be quite a scene.

And a third just simply said:

This is incredibly stupid.