Internet users have discovered that vans have a very special 'super power'

For a few days now, the "Vans Challenge" has been taking over social networks, leaving many internet users in awe of one of the shoes' unexpected features marketed by the Californian brand.

We thought that only cats always land on their feet. Clearly, this is also the case for Vans sneakers!

The "Vans Challenge"has invaded social media. And it all started with a single tweet. One Twitter user, @Ibelievethehype posted a video of himself throwing his pair of Vans sneakers in the air. His caption read:

Did you know that no matter how you throw your Vans, they land on their soles?

50,000 retweets and more than 150,000 likes later, thousands of Internet users have tried the challenge, trying to throw their pairs of Vans to see which side the shoes land on (you can find a compilation of these posts in the video at the top of the article). And we have to recognize that the Californian shoe brand has a more than convincing success rate when it comes to falling on the right side.

You can definitely try it at home, especially since this challenge is clearly less dangerous than the Bird Box Challenge or the Fire Challenge (don't do those at home).

Check out the video above to see for yourself!

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