India: A plane gets stuck under a bridge on the highway (VIDEO)

In India, a plane got stuck under a bridge while being transported to its new owner.

India: A plane gets stuck under a bridge on the highway (VIDEO)
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An error of judgement that must have been (very) expensive. In Delhi, India, the new owner of a plane thought it best to take his latest acquisition via the highway. But a bridge had the audacity to block his way.

Transport by truck

The scene was reportedly on the Delhi-Gurgaon highway near the Indira Gandhi International Airport. According to The Sun, a plane previously owned by Air India was being transported by its new owner via the highway.

For this somewhat perilous feat to be successfully completed, the wings of the old aircraft had been removed, and the plane was placed on a special convoy. But things didn't go as planned... As soon as the plane left the airport, the truck passed under a bridge that was far too low for its load.

In a video, the top of the plane can be seen scraping against the bridge to the barely concealed laughter of the person who took the video.

Traffic blocked

'I was shocked and didn't really expect it to happen,' said Rishabh Kumar, who took the video. If this easily avoidable blunder is something to smile about, other motorists probably did not take the situation in stride, as traffic was severely slowed down for several minutes. Fortunately, no one seems to have been hurt in this accident.