In Need Of Some Cash? Become A Billionaire Thanks To Lego!

In Need Of Some Cash? Become A Billionaire Thanks To Lego!

If you need money ASAP, go look through your little sister or brother’s toys and steal their Lego, since those tiny things are worth more than gold.

A study by the Higher School of Economics at a Moscow University revealed that Lego is more valuable when resold, and even more profitable than gold. Victoria Dobrynskaya, the professor who conducted the study, examined 2,000 Lego boxes for sale between 1980 and 2014. She then looked at second hand resales in 2015 to compare prices. The conclusions are clear, the resold Lego was more profitable, from 11% up to 613%!

A gold mine!

Victoria Dobrynskaya explains the profitability of Lego since it ‘does not belong to the field of luxury, it is accessible to everyone and so often neglected and undervalued.’ For its part, the study states that: ‘Legos are not only toys but also a reasonable alternative investment, with average returns comparable to those on equities, and a market with little risk.’

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As you can imagine, the Legos which are (re)selling quickly are those from blockbuster films, such as Marvel, Harry Potter or Star Wars. The value of Lego is also expressed by their seniority, and conservation. Imagine you have a Lego Harry Potter box, and you've never opened it. Its value will be higher, because it is more qualitative. Another concrete example, the Millennium Falcon replica, Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars, was on sale for £400 in 2007. Its resale price today is estimated to be between £5,500 and £7,000 on eBay! Now you know what you have to do!

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