Hysterical 5-year-old girl accuses mum of being an alien. This is why…

The video of the ‘otherworldly’ interaction between mother and daughter has gone viral.

A five-year-old girl has accused her mother of being an alien after seeing a picture of Earth in her mother's passport.

In a now-viral video, the girl, Nala-Joye could be seen crying uncontrollably while pointing at the image in the passport.

Alien on Earth

Her mother, Shaakira Brandon, who posted the video on Twitter, asked Nala what she thought the picture meant. Sobbing, the bemused child shared her suspicion with her mother.

Brandon asked again, just to be sure:

You think that means I'm an alien?! You scared of mommy now?

She then tried to explain to the child that the travel document only shows the places she has travelled to on Earth.

But the little girl was not buying any of that. She could be seen crying even more in the video, which has now been watched more than 2.6 million times on Twitter.

Men in Black

There’s a reason behind the Texas-based five-year-old’s firm suspicion that her mum is an alien. Brandon explained that they had just watched the film, Men in Black featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in which aliens visited Earth by carrying paperwork like passports.

So you can understand why little Nala-Joye’s mind was blown when she discovered her mother’s passport.

Joining in the fun, the screenwriter for the first 'Men In Black' film, Ed Solomon, replied to the viral tweet saying,

My Bad. I apologize :).
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