Hybrid Animal? Rooster With Horns Growing Out of Its Head Is the Talk of Twitter

Footage of this amazing-looking rooster from a farm in Turkey named Michael spread around Twitter after users were taken aback by his bull-like horns.

On YouTube, Vedat Aksu, a Turkish farm owner, decided to show off just how special his favourite rooster was and his video quickly went viral.

The rooster in question is named Michael, apparently a normal rooster that flies around the farm with the rest of the roosters. However, Michael is special and something about his comb makes him different from others.

Ever since he was little, his owner knew that he was special because he had a strange bulge protruding from the top of his head unlike the other animals.

As he grew, two horns, very similar to those that a bull has, started to grow on top of his head. Aksu, a journalist by profession, did some digging that discovered that this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

Michael, as he decided to name the rooster, apparently descends from a rare species of bird that has similar characteristics. The video that he shared quickly went viral and amazed internet users, with some even comparing the creature to the devil.

Don’t forget to check out the video above to see Michael for yourself.

This farmer had a huge horn growing out of his head for 5 years This farmer had a huge horn growing out of his head for 5 years