Husband takes photo of pregnant wife at the perfect moment

When he was taking a picture of his pregnant wife at the beach, this man witnessed a magical scene. Never in his wildest dreams could he have believed he would take such an amazing photo.

Husband takes photo of pregnant wife at the perfect moment
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What can be more natural for an impatient dad-to-be than taking a picture of his wife during pregnancy to capture an unforgettable memory?

To immortalise this special time, Dan and Angeline Mozer went to the seaside for a photoshoot. But they could not have anticipated the guest that turned up for a starring role.

When they came to this part of the beach in Jacksonville in Florida, the American couple received the most beautiful surprise of their lives. It seems like this isn't the first time someone has become internet famous following an innocent photo celebrating a momentous occasion!

The photobomb of a lifetime

While Angelina was taking a break with her baby bump and had her back turned to the ocean, a dolphin suddenly burst out of the water to leap just at the moment when Dan took a photo on his camera.

Shared on Instagram and published on the site News4Jax, this photo rapidly found great success on the internet. As for Dan and Angeline, they must certainly have taken this magical apparition as a very good sign for their future child.

Check out the video above to see the incredible photo for yourself!