Horrifying moment a girl's rollercoaster harness breaks mid-ride

At a theme park, this camera captured the moment a girl’s safety harness broke, at the worst possible moment.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, when it comes to theme park rides, the fear of something going wrong is very much present. It’s quite possibly the worst thing that could happen, your safety harness breaks mid-ride. But it’s exactly what happened to a 19-year-old French student at the Parisian theme park 'La Foire du Trone.'

The Ball

On the infamous ride translated into English as 'The Ball,' a terrifying event occurred. As its name suggests, this ride is a two-seater, ball-shaped ride. Like a slingshot, the ride catapults riders almost 150 feet up in the air at more than 60mph.

After being strapped in and thrown up into the air, the girl quickly noticed that the bar holding her in her seat had broken; leaving her literally hanging on for dear life.

An investigation was opened

Following the incident, an investigation was opened for involuntary injury through breach of a safety or security obligation. The attraction was also temporarily closed. Fortunately, the girl sustained no injuries but if one thing certain, it’s that she won’t be going on another ride any time soon.

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