Holiday 2017: The World's Biggest Space Cake Given Out For Free At A Zurich Christmas Market!

In Switzerland, Zurich’s Christmas Market saw the unveiling of the world’s largest space cake... which was promptly given out for free to passers-by.

To make things clear right off the bat: the consumption and sale of cannabis and cannabis products are permitted should the THC content by less than 1%, so don’t go thinking that this is like Amsterdam. One company named Zuya found a way around this law, creating a space cake measuring nearly 50 feet in length and clocking in at a measly 0.2% THC. So if you’re looking to enjoy some of the more pleasant effects of its special ingredient, you’d sooner find yourself sick to your stomach from the amount of sweets that you’ve eaten before you start to feel it.

To prepare this special Christmas treat, a grand total of 160 eggs, 40 kilograms of sugar, 40 litres of milk, 32 kilograms of flour, 8 kilograms of chocolate, 6 kilograms of butter, and one kilogram of weed were used. Just one kilogram – we know right? Those passing by had the opportunity to cop a piece (or two if they were feeling a bit cheeky) free of charge. We can’t imagine a better way to get in the festive mood.

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