His foot turned black overnight and his wife was to blame

A Scottish dad got the fright of his life when he woke up to discover his foot was completely black.

His foot turned black overnight and his wife was to blame
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Imagine waking up and you discovering that one of your feet is completely black. That’s exactly what happened to Michael Onorati from Glasgow.

As to be expected, he completely freaked out! He didn't feel any pain during the night or upon waking up—he simply could not understand the reason behind this strange phenomenon. No swelling, disagreeable odour, or anything unusual.

Raynaud's syndrome?

For a good 30 minutes, Onorati inspected every inch of his foot and thought he had suddenly contracted Raynaud’s syndrome, a condition that causes significant circulation problems, pain and numbing sensations. Raynaud's syndrome is usually caused by stress or cold. Clearly, Ornorati was not under any stress in his sleep nor was he cold...

His wife had the answer

It turns out Ornorati didn't have Raynaud's syndrome or any other worrisome illness. His wife was actually behind the cause of his black foot. How you ask? The answer will make you laugh. Ornorati had slept with his socks on.

As it turns out, his wife had used one of her husband's socks the day before to apply fake tan! So the black foot was actually a very tanned foot! Thankfully, Ornorati can simply wash it off... Or he could apply fake tan to his other foot to pretend like he's on a beach somewhere!

Check out the video above to see Michael's black foot!