Her swimwear was considered 'too sexy' for a sauna

This story was recently picked up and shared by The Sun. In an article that was published on 20th February this year, a 23-year-old woman named Nicole Bernadocchi was singled out in a sauna in Uxbridge because of the bathing suit she was wearing.

‘Italian Nicole, from Harefield, North London, was told by staff that some of the mums using the centre had complained about her swimming costume,’ as the website reported. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. There are many reports of women being asked to cover up after wearing clothing deemed too revealing.

She refused to cover up and left instead

During an interview with The Sun, Nicole Bernadocchi explained that she had received ‘some funny looks from the mums in the changing rooms before going to the sauna, but [she] didn’t think anything of it.'

The receptionist was nice and let us pay less than usual because there were kids' swimming lessons going on.

The young woman was shocked when she was asked to cover up with a towel and said she felt quite embarrassed when the receptionist told her that ‘some of the mums had complained that [her] swimwear was inappropriate and [she] needed to get a towel.’

It was embarrassing to be pulled out by the manager when there were other people in the sauna. My fiancé asked why I should have to cover up, as I wasn’t in anything revealing.

Nicole Bernadocchi refused to cover up and decided instead to just leave and go home.

‘I think it’s discrimination, nothing was showing,’ she revealed. Since she has been contacted by The Sun, the establishment hasn’t wanted to comment on the issue. The young woman, who will not be returning to this leisure centre, has since posed for The Sun in the swimsuit in question.

Just because I have a sexy body doesn’t mean I am inappropriate for the swimming pool.

Check out the video above for a similar story.

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