He took a photo of a landscape and saw a strange detail when zooming in

On a trip to Northern Ireland, Gavin Best took one photo that made a bigger impression on him than the others. Soon, his beautiful landscape photo took on a whole new dimension.

To celebrate the New Year, 43-year-old Londoner Gavin Best went to Belfast, Northern Ireland. For him, this was the perfect place to celebrate the transition from one year to another. In order to immortalise his stay, he took a few photos of the city, as well as the surrounding landscapes. On his return, while looking at his various photos, he noticed a rather surprising detail...

In one of his landscape photos, he saw a small black dot on the cliff opposite. He decided to zoom in. That's when he realised that the black spot was a person who had jumped at the exact moment Gavin had taken the photo.

A pure coincidence

This is what he said in his tweet:

Took this photo a few days ago. Just spotted something in the distance and zoomed in. How's that for coincidental timing?

In another tweet, he then explained that the person was at the top of Cave Hill, a hill on the edge of the Antrim plateau in Belfast. Since some people were worried that the person in question might have been trying to take their own life, Gavin was keen to reassure internet users by explaining that the other photos showed several other people at the top of the cliff.

Impressed internet users

As a result, many internet users found the coincidence unusual and his message was retweeted hundreds of times. One of them wrote:

That's great, thanks for sharing that!

While another was surprised:

Wow, the luck and good timing it takes to capture a photo like this, it's crazy.
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