He Stole A Man's Wallet On The Tube... Moments Later He Saved His Victim's Life

He Stole A Man's Wallet On The Tube... Moments Later He Saved His Victim's Life

A shocking scene took place last year on the Paris metro after a drunk individual passed out whilst waiting to catch his train home. Unbeknownst to him however, a thief had him under surveillance the whole time and eventually took his chance to strike.

Getting home from a night out can seem like a monumental challenge after you’ve had a few. Normally though, a kebab and a bag of chips is enough to sober you up for your journey home. This wasn’t the case however for one man in Paris as he sat in the metro station, patiently waiting for his train, slumped over and completely out of it.

Wanting to take advantage of the man’s clearly vulnerable state, one cunning criminal succeeded in taking the man’s wallet and mobile phone. Moments later, in a bizarre turn of events, the intoxicated male wandered aimlessly onto the tracks right before his train pulled into the station.

Realising the drama that was unfolding, the quick-thinking pickpocket alerted the driver to what was happening and ran down the platform, as bystanders looked on. His quick-thinking actions almost certainly saved this man's life.

A 2019 report revealed that there had been a dramatic increase in pickpockets on the Paris metro in the past year. So how to avoid being robbed while on holiday in Paris? Obviously the easiest ways are to avoid carrying large amounts of cash on you, don't wear any expensive looking jewelry and only use bags that zip up.

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The French police's advice is to be 'very vigilant, do not leave a wallet or phone on a table, in front of everyone or leave your valuables in your jacket if you leave it slung over a chair.' Another piece of good advice which could go a long way? Stay sober and keep your wits about you, especially if you're on the metro!

Is this man a hero or a criminal? Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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