He spent £2,000 on a helicopter flight to go to McDonald's

A Russian millionaire went on a £2,000 helicopter trip to eat at the fast-food restaurant.

At least once we have all had the overwhelming urge to grab a McDonald's burger. While some can resist this, others can’t wait another second before going to one of the American chain's restaurants to satisfy their desire. And this is what happened with 33-year-old Russian millionaire Viktor Martynov, except that he spent a staggering amount of money on a 450-mile helicopter trip to get there.

McDonald's prohibited

Viktor Martynov was on holiday in Crimea in the town of Alushta at the Black Sea resort, a luxury hotel. That's when he suddenly got a craving for McDonald's. Only there was one snag... Since Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea in 2014, restrictions have been in place in the area. Western companies are not allowed to set up shop there, meaning, there are no McDonald's in Crimea!

An out of the ordinary journey

But this was not enough to stop him. The millionaire quickly had an idea on how to solve the problem: he chartered a helicopter. The objective: to go to Krasnodar, almost 450 miles away, which is the nearest town with a McDonald’s. He explained to LADbible:

This is how it was—I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Alushta. We had a craving for normal Moscow food… We decided to board a helicopter, fly to Krasnodar and go to McDonald’s. We had a meal there and got back.

After spending £2,000 on travel, they then ate £49 worth of burgers, chips, and milkshakes. This is arguably the most expensive Maccies in history!

Watch the video above to learn some little known facts about Mcdonald's.

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