He Jumped 'Superman Style' To Win And The Entire Stadium Bowed At His Feet

Infinite Tucker is the athlete who has performed the most Superman-like move to win a race. The reaction of the public was immediate: he became a hero.

The world of competition is made up of athletes who are totally obsessed with victory. And to achieve it, they don't hesitate to use any tools they can.

An example of this is athlete Infinite Tucker, in the US's Southeastern Conference National Championship. The athlete participated in a 400m hurdles race when, and on the final stretch, one of his adversaries began to gain distance.

It was clear that Tucker wasn't going to miss a victory for a final sprint, so when he saw the finish line he decided to make a gesture that he probably learned... from the Marvel movies?

After he did it, the audience in the stadium didn't hesitate to show their admiration, exploding in applause and shouting.

Can we call him the 'superman athlete' already? Click play and see for yourself.

Source: ESPN

Why Is This Picture Going Viral? Why Is This Picture Going Viral?