He Broke The Rubik’s Cube World Record While Blindfolded

This footage has to be seen to be believed...

You don't need to be an exceptional athlete, or have outstanding qualities to enter the record book. The famous Guinness Book of World Records is indeed within everyone's reach, if you can find an easily reachable record.

Recently, many Youtubers have set themselves the goal of breaking the easiest, or even the most unusual, world records. The record that we present to you above in the video is by no means easy, but is completely unusual.

13 seconds

While most of us can't manage to finish one Rubik's Cube in the course of our lifetime, it took a Georgian student named Vako Marchilashvili 13 seconds to do it. And that's now all. He did it blindfold, hanging upside down. He means business. Marchilashvili solved a Rubik's Cube in just 13 seconds, beating the previous record by merely two seconds.

The young man in question had already entered the record book, still in the Rubik's Cube category. Underwater, Vako solved 6 Rubik's Cube in just 44 seconds. Definitely, this young man is incredibly impressive.

A modern-day hero. Check out the video above to see him in action...

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