Happy accident: Man wins $2 million after purchasing the wrong lotto ticket

If this story doesn't make you believe you should listen to your gut we don't know what will. You ever have something in your head tell you that you should or shouldn't be doing something? This man's story will tell you exactly why you need to listen.

Happy accident: Man wins $2 million after purchasing the wrong lotto ticket
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A man from suburban Detroit received quite a shock when he won 2 million dollars off a $20 lotto scratcher. While winning on a lottery ticket is always shocking, the most surprising part about this ticket was that it wasn't what he had initially asked for.

The man from Michigan stopped at a gas station in Eastpointe to put some air in his tire. He needed change in order to have coins for the machine so naturally, he asked for a $10 Lucky 7's scratch-off lotto ticket.

The clerk happily obliged to the man's request however instead of handing him a $10 ticket he handed him the $20 version. They both noticed but when the clerk asked if he wanted to exchange the ticket for its cheaper brother, something was telling the man to hold onto it.

In a statement to the Lottery the man said:

The clerk handed me the $20 ticket by mistake. He offered to exchange it for me but something told me to keep it. I am sure glad I did!

The name of the Michigan man was not released, but it was reported that he decided to take a lump sum of around $1.3 million rather than have the $2 million paid out over the coming years. Lucky guy!