Gorillas perform oral sex on each other in front of horrified kids at zoo

Two gorillas were caught having oral sex in plain sight at a Zoo in New York City, as dozens of children stood by and watched.

Onlookers at the Bronx zoo in New York City were left utterly shocked after two gorillas decided to engage in oral sex for all to witness.

Caught in the act

Though some found it rather amusing, most gasped in disbelief and decided to turn around and look the other way, especially considering the majority of the audience consisted of young children.

In the video, people can be seen gathering at the facility's Congo Gorilla Forest while two of its residents decide to get down and dirty with each other. While one of them lies on its back with its legs wide open, the other wastes no time in performing full-on oral sex. A person present during the act told the New York Post:

I was shocked and had no idea that was a 'natural' act. I was in the gorilla exhibit with my 4-year-old daughter and niece. My wife had to stay out of the exhibit with my sleeping son, so I wanted to capture a lot of video. Then this magic happened.

As people exclaim 'oh my god' and others are heard laughing, the recording of the video stops before we get to see anything truly disturbing occur between the two apes.

Natural in the wild

As it turns out, sexual intercourse for the purpose of pleasure is not all that unusual in gorillas. The animal has also been described by scientists as non-monogamous and sexually flexible.

During research conducted by professors from the University of Western Australia, same-sex intercourse solely for fun of it was observed on several occasions. In particular, two females gorillas were recorded on 45 separate occasions getting frisky with each other after having been rejected by their male counterparts

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