Give Your Bean Bag the Attention It Deserves With the Testicuzzi

Let's be honest, there's not a lot of at-home beauty or spa treatments geared towards men these days. Sometimes, despite how much we may want to partake in a relaxing face mask or mani-pedi we're just too insecure to admit it. Well, luckily the boys at Testicuzzi have come up with a product that lets you have the spa treatment you want, the manly way.

Give Your Bean Bag the Attention It Deserves With the Testicuzzi
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Have you ever come up with an invention while having a particularly absurd conversation with your friends? Maybe you and the fellas have put back a few beersand your imaginations are now running wild and your filters aren't really working as they should.

Well, if you let these conversations go on just a little too long, you may end up with an invention like the Testicuzzi, literally the jacuzzi for your balls. Conceived by a group of friends who were discussing sexuality and college trends as they put it. They heard of a trend where a man would place his testicles into a cup of water and have someone blow bubbles in the water using a straw. The visual was something too funny to forget and thus the concept of the Testicuzzi was born.

Many prototypes were created using a 3D-printer and after numerous prints, trials and testing periods the perfect product was born. Measuring 3.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall by 5 inches long, 3 versions of this bath for your boys are available. You can now purchase the Testicuzzi in black, white or plated gold if you think your nuts are worth it. (They always are.) It comes complete with a literal penis pillow headrest to ensure the utmost tranquillity.

The Testicuzzi is battery powered, perfect for relaxing on the go. Just don't go using it in public spaces or when there are children around. Ergonomically designed for optimal ball comfort (like they're being held by an angel) using this product could not be easier. Simply add water of your desired temperature, gently tip your nuts into the bath, turn it on and enjoy the soothing, bubbling massage to your heart's content.

The black and gold versions are currently sold out so if you're hoping to give your nuts the ultimate bath, you will have to settle for the white version which is currently on sale for $69.69 but act fast as shipping delays mean your boys will have to wait 3-4 weeks before feeling the 'magical' sensation that is the Testicuzzi.