Girlfriend disgusted after discovering boyfriend's shocking bathroom habit

Everybody knows that people were built to squat when going to the bathroom, but not many people really do that. One man has taken it a step further by 'squatting on the toilet like Gollum', a habit that has disgusted his girlfriend.

Reports everywhere claim that using a footstool will aid in better 'flow' of your digestive systemwhen it comes togetting rid of waste. However, one poor woman's boyfriend prefers 'squatting on the toilet seatlike Gollum'. Not only that, but the anonymous woman also stated that her boyfriend is a'prolific pooper'who needs to drop the kids off at the pool multiple times a day.

The girlfriend was not only shocked by his behaviour and the germophobe brought up a point that only a germophobe could possibly think of: Should this super pooper be washing his feet as well as his hands?

The girlfriend voiced her concerns on Reddit :

We’ve been together for 4.5 years. He has sworn off s******g like a normal person in that he refuses to sit on the toilet. He instead insists on taking off his pants and underwear, if not getting entirely naked, and squatting on the toilet seat like Gollum. Fine, whatever. How he decides to do his business is up to him. But then he’ll walk around the house all day with his little toilet seat feet, putting them on the couch, the bed, etc. I acknowledge I am a germaphobe so I am a lot more sensitive to issues of hygiene than the average Joe, but I’m not sure if I’m overreacting in this case. Am I being nitpicky in finding this gross or is this legitimately disgusting?

The post was shared to Twitter and users took great delight in recommending the girlfriend to get her man a squatty potty, but most viewers just laughed at the phrase'little toilet seat feet'.

However, this germophobe's concerns were largely snubbed in favour of the Gollum squatter with many claiming there are dirtier things in a home than a toilet seat:

Some commenters even had a creative way to solve the problem:

But most were just plain oldimpressed:

He was filming his girlfriend in the bathroom when he received a terrifying shock He was filming his girlfriend in the bathroom when he received a terrifying shock