Get To Know This Blue-Skinned Family From Kentucky

One family from Kentucky continued to pass their blue-skin gene to their offspring, propelling an ongoing cycle of blue-skinned family members for a long time—and yes, this is a true story.

It all began with Martin Fugate, an orphaned French man who ended up in Kentucky, America. Back in the day, the area Martin and his family settled in was a super rural area. There were no railroads or roads at the time. So, as a result, families intermarried! What else can you do, right?

But there was something different about Martin—he was blueand his blue gene began to spread to some members of his family.

Yet, there is some confusion about which Martin had blue skin first. One timeline notes that it was Martin Fugate who married Elizabeth Smith. History claims that she was super pale, but also carried the gene for blue skin.

Apparently, four of their children turned out blue! Over time, the Fugates intermarried, and more and more offspring encompassed the blue gene. But, there’s another timeline, too.

The second story notes that there werethree men named Martin Fugate, and the second one had blue skin. And in this version, the Martin Fugate mentioned in the first story didn’t have blue skin, but Elizabeth still carried the gene. You’re likely wondering: where does this blue-skin gene come from? Take a look at our video for an explanation.

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