Fortnite Is All Decked Out In Christmas Colours!

Christmas is fast approaching and Epic Games has decided to give us an early gift. Fortnite's map is getting into the holiday theme, and we're all looking forward to the Christmas skins!

Fortnite Is All Decked Out In Christmas Colours!
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Everyone is getting used to it. With each new event on the calendar like Halloween or Easter, Fortnite updates itself to match what's happening. A good way to keep their players in addition to game-specific events such as collaborations with TV shows, movies, etc...

And Christmas is no exception. Little by little, the game map is getting into the theme and is decorated in the spirit of Christmas and the New Year. Some players have noticed that some chests contain firs, while others contain small wooden sculptures with light bulbs.

Reddit users have dug a little deeper into the game files and discovered that fog should be arriving soon on the map. We imagine that as was the case for season 7, the map will be covered with snow.

Last but not least, we are waiting for all the new skins that Epic Games will be offering us. Fortnite is known for these very nice cosmetics which look so good, so we are looking forward to discovering what they have in store for this year. And maybe we'll get a Christmas present as well?