Footage Of American Airlines' Passenger Shamed For Repeatedly Pushing Woman's Seat Is Going Viral

This scene, which was filmed on board an American Airlines flight, has sparked quite a debate on Twitter.

Sometimes it doesn’t take long for news from an aircraft cabin to reach social media. While travelling to North Carolina (United States) on an American Airlines flight, Wendi Williams fell victim to something rather unusual, particularly rude and very brazen indeed. After she reclined her seat so she could relax on the flight, the passenger sitting behind her incessantly started to punch the back of her seat in protest.

Reclining her seat too much

But what was this man so angry about? Simply the fact that the passenger in front of him had reclined her chair which had consequently invaded his personal space. After an initial heated discussion, Wendi refused to adhere to his request. And that is when the man started to take matters into his own hands.

In order to teach him a lesson, Wendi decided to film the scene so she could later post it on Twitter. In her post, she explained that her actions resulted in her being reprimanded by the flight attendant, who sided with her assailant and proceeded, among all the commotion, to offer him some rum as compensation.

A heated debate broke out on social media

On Twitter, however, her story got quite a different reaction and two sides obviously formed with different opinions on the issue. On one side, the people who, just like the man in the video, find it difficult to sit behind a reclined seat on an aircraft, and then the other side, who like to make the most of all the services that companies like this have to offer, including the possibility to recline your seat.

But stay tuned, because Wendi Williams claims she has since been contacted by American Airlines.

‘I was contacted via phone by American [Airlines], they apologised but really didn’t accept any responsibility for the flight attendant’s actions,’ she explained.
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