Father’s Young Son Beats Him in Arm Wrestling – That's When He Went for His Gun

A dad's pride can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Hard-headed stubbornness and a need to be the alpha in the household can cause conflict when they feel challenged or threatened. Recently, a Kentucky man was arrested for firing off two shots after his young son beat him in an arm-wrestling match.

55-year-old, Curtis Zimmerman was arrested on July 6th following an 8-hour standoff with police officers that were outside his home in Florence, Kentucky.

When Boone County officers were dispatched they were informed that there was a person in a home with a weapon. The incident occurred around 1 am local time.

Upon their arrival officers found that two family members had successfully escaped the house without harm. Zimmerman was the only one left inside however he was not complying with the officers' commands to surrender and come outside.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office reported that:

Deputies learned that Zimmerman was intoxicated and challenged his juvenile son to an arm-wrestling contest... when Zimmerman lost multiple times, he became agitated which led to a physical altercation with his son.

Allegedly, he proceeded to grab a gun and fired off two shots has his son went up the stairs in their home. Police got to the scene shortly after, however, Zimmerman neglected to come out so negotiators had to be called. This resulted in an almost 8-hour standoff that concluded with Zimmerman surrendering peacefully at 8:25 am on July 6th.

Thankfully the situation came to a conclusion without injury, however, Curtis was arrested an imprisoned with a $5,000 bond. Next time you challenge your go-to arm wrestle your dad maybe consider losing to him, even if you know you can take him.

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