Everybody's Going Crazy For Japan's New, Daring Swimsuit Trend

Everybody's Going Crazy For Japan's New, Daring Swimsuit Trend

We think it's pretty easy to imagine why this particular one-piece has been such a hit among BOTH sexes...

It seems that this season, showing off more than a bit of cleavage is definitely what's in. Not sure it would be all that popular in the UK but it’s certainly a must-have in Japan this summer.

You may have already seen this fashion craze banded about on social media. In Japan, this unique one piece is all the rage. Intended to be sexy and practical, similar swimsuits of similar nature have been popular all over the world recently.

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Japan however has added a more daring touch to this global trend. Images of the Japanese women in these incredibly revealing swimsuits have sent internet users crazy all across social media. With that in mind, there’s certainly scope for these types of bikinis to go international. If you're looking to buy one of these for that special someone in your life, looks like you'll have to buy it online!

Check out the video above to see the swimsuits for yourself...

Stacey Williams
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