Enraged beaver mauls and almost kills elderly man in freak rabid attack

An elderly man almost lost his life after he was attacked by a rabid beaver while on a leisurely swim in a remote pond in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Mark Pieraccini was viciously attacked by a rabies-infected beaver while he was taking a dip in a remote countryside pond that he has frequented for many years.

Enraged rabid beaver

The man was so badly mauled that doctors say he is 'lucky to be alive' after having almost bled to death. He explains having suffered from multiple punctured wounds, flesh torn from his limbs and lacerations throughout his torso, back and scalp, likely due to the beaver's razor sharp teeth.

But not only was he fighting to the death with the rabid beaver, all oft his was happening while trying to remain afloat in the water. He said:

At some point, I said to myself, 'If I stop and fight him one more time, I'm going to drown. I couldn't process it.

Though Peraccini was successful in landing a couple of hits on the beaver to protect himself, he was left with a fractured knuckle. In all, the attack lasted an excruciating five minutes, but the elderly man managed to get himself out of the water and seek immediate medical attention.

No grudges held

Pieraccini has since received treatment for rabies and is slowly recovering from the injuries inflected by the beaver. Amazingly, he has decided not to reveal the exact location of where the incident took place so as to not have park rangers trap and kill the entire beaver population.

He also claims to not hold any grudges towards the blood-thirsty beaver, as it has probably already succumbed to its own infection. In most cases of rabies for both humans and animals, after symptoms start showing, including, anxiety, confusion, agitation and violent spasms, death is assured within three to 10 days.

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