English Paramedics Cause Outrage After Recreating the 'Coffin Dance' Meme With a Fake Coronavirus Patient

English paramedics shocked the web by posting a video on social media in which they reproduced the 'coffin dance' with a stretcher and what they pretended to be a victim of COVID-19.

When users try too hard to create a buzz on TikTok, things can easily get out of hand, especially when there is a lack of tact. After posting what they thought was going to be a viral video, some English paramedics were the subject of harsh criticism and were forced to publicly apologise.

The 'coffin dance'

The 'coffin dance' has become one of the breakout memes (if that's a thing?) of the past few weeks on the Internet. The 'coffin dance' is video originating from Ghana, with men carrying a casket on their shoulders while performing a choreography during a funeral. The video went viral all over the world, here's the original for some context.

'Morale boost imminent #COVID-19'

These paramedics thought they'd give it a go in an attempt to gain some Internet fame and uploaded this video on TikTok. However, it didn't exactly garner the reaction they were hoping for.

The paramedics recreated the dance with a stretcher, in which a mannequin representing a Covid-19 patient was lying. After filming the dance, they posted the video on TikTok with the caption: 'Caution. Morale boost imminent #COVID-19.' To give you an idea of what they were going for, here's a compilation of memes based on the coffin dance that have become quite popular.

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Not exactly

As you might expect, the video was not very well received by internet users. While the comments varied, it was pretty much unanimous that the video was in very poor taste.

They say they're going to boost our morale. I don't see how it's going to cheer up torn families.
It's completely amoral, it makes me sick.

When the video was deleted, a spokesperson for the healthcare team publicly apologised:

We are aware of a TikTok video circulating on social media posted by a small group of our staff which shows them acting in an unprofessional manner. We apologise for any distress this has caused and we can assure you that we are taking this seriously and dealing with the matter internally.
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