Dublin Irish voted sexiest accent in new survey

A new survey has found that out of all the vast accents across the UK and Ireland, Dublin Irish is the most likely to get the ladies drooling.

Irish people are known for their smooth-talking abilities, but it turns out it’s not just their wit that our motors running. A recent survey has shown thatDublin Irish is also considered the sexiest accent in the whole UK & Ireland... Oh, the luck of the Irish.

What’s the craic?

The survey, courtesy of Coffee Friend, put voters to work, deciding which UK&I accent they find the most charming. Results showed that the dulcet tones of Dubliners were considered the sexiest of the lot, with over half of respondents voting in their favour. On the flip side, only 13% of participants branded the Irish accent as unattractive.

The Irish accent proved most attractive among the oldies, with 52% of over 65s placing it at the tops of their lists.

Following close behind the Dublin Irish was, of course, the Scottish accent, while the Queen’s English and Welsh were both tied for third. Meanwhile, the Northern Irish accent took out fourth place with a respectable 44% of votes.

A Coffee Friend spokesperson revealed: ‘With Love Island back on our screens and the UK and Ireland primed for a summer of romance, our survey of adults in 2021 has found which accent is our favourite on paper.’

And it's the Dublin Irish accent that sets tongues wagging, with 58% of people polled finding it attractive - just ahead of the Scottish accent at 51 per cent.

Which UK accents are the least attractive?

Unfortunately, the survey didn’t fare well for those with an Essex or Brummie accent, who only managed to rank in just 21% and 22% of participant’s votes, respectively. Liverpudlian, Manchunian, Cocky, Geordie and Leeds accents didn’t do too much better.

Queen's English - 'posh' to most people - scores well alongside Welsh at 47%. But the situation is not too good for Essex and Brummie, who both finish bottom with just 21% and 22%, respectively finding those accents attractive.

But don’t worry, even if you don’t have the hottest of the UK accents, rest assured you still fare well against the rest of the world. A 2020 survey found that the British accent was the sexiest in the world… Sorry France!

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