Drunk Russian Man Crashes Through a Glass Swimming Pool Panel In a Stunt Gone Wrong

While your 30th birthday is maybe not as big as your 21st some people still love to celebrate and this Russian man got a little too wild with his birthday celebrations and ended up crashing through a glass panel in a stunt gone wrong.

When a Russian man gets drunk you know he must have had a lot to drink. And when they propose jumping off a high ledge and into a pool, they may need to be cut off.

One Moscow man, Dimitry Prigorodov, decided that his 30th birthday needed a little spicing up and decided that he would try to make a jump into a pool form the viewing platform in one last Jackass-like stunt in tribute to his 20s.

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The idea could only be a bad one and the cottage that was rented for the occasion was damaged after Dimitry, missed the jump and smashed into the pool's glass panels but he said it was all worth it in the end:

It was my birthday and I rented a cottage to celebrate. We were celebrating and drinking alcohol. It seemed to us that we could try and jump in principle.
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However, broken glass was not the only consequence and the now 30-year-old banker suffered from extreme bruising and even had to undergo surgery:

The result was sad: torn ligaments, the left leg does not work, the hand is the same… I’ve had two operations and had a badly bruised chest.

Luckily, Dimity managed to get away without any fines due to an issue with the ‘incorrect drafting of the contract’ meaning that he did not have to take responsibility for any damage.

Still, maybe he will think again next time he decides to pull a stunt.

To see the hilarious stunt, check out the video above!

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