Doctors were left stunned after the birth of a rare three-headed baby

Family members and doctors alike could not believe their eyes when a three-headed girl entered the world.

We’ve heard of stories of conjoined twins before, but what about a three-headed baby? The medical mystery baffled doctors and shocked family members. The newborn will undergo surgery to remove her extra heads.

Interestingly enough, the mother experienced no complications throughout her pregnancy, but immense pain washed over the mother right before she went into labour. It’s painful enough just thinking about giving birth to a baby with just one head!

One witness, Bijji Thakur, said:

The girl child had three heads. She looked like an alien.

Thankfully, after the surgeons conduct an MRI scan, they will look into removing the additional heads.


What’s the medical term for this birth defect? Encephalocele. Reports declare that this is not the only case of a baby emerging from the womb with more than one head. The Great Ormond Street Hospital describes this condition as:

A rare congenital (present at birth) type of neural tube defect where part of the skull has not formed properly so a portion of brain tissue and associated structures are outside the skull.

However, this is not the only weird birth to happen this year! Another newborn baby had a twin growing inside her. What happened to this baby? Tune into our video to find out.

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