'Demoniac Woman' Has a Complete Melt Down On Flight (VIDEO)

It's not uncommon to see videos of people losing it during flights. With the recent pandemic, passengers are feeling the pressure of social distancing and sanitary measures, leading to even greater break downs.

'Demoniac Woman' Has a Complete Melt Down On Flight (VIDEO)
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This scene looks like it came straight out of horror movie, but believe us, it is all too real!

Distressed passengers of a flight to Michigan witnessed an odd scene before take off. Passengers filmed a woman's complete meltdown. Out of nowhere, a passenger started climbing onto the back of the seats, twisting her body in unusual ways, shouting with what we can only make out to be a demon voice. She then tried to break the suitcase compartments.

According to crew members, the woman did not appear to be screaming at anyone in particular. She was shouting profanities like: 'We’re going to f*** all night, b***h,’ repeatedly. The situation was handled surprisingly peacefully by three men who escorted her off the plane.

According to the crew, the woman seemed perfectly fine until she began yelling. Fortunately, no passengers were harmed during the meltdown. It's unclear whether the woman was 'flying high' or, for those who believe in paranormal activities, was possessed. Honestly, it all sounds like a scene from the movie 'The Exorcist.' While some passengers tried not to get involved, many thought the situation was funny and couldn't help but to laugh at the woman.

Watch the video above to see the woman in action.