Delhi-London flight delayed after ants were found in business class

The London-bound flight from Delhi was delayed for over three hours after a swarm of ants was discovered in the business class cabin.

An Air India flight bound for London got delayed at the Delhi airport for three and a half hours on Monday after a swarm of ants was found in the business class section of the plane.

According to sources, the AI-111 finally departed at 5:30 pm local time instead of the scheduled 2 pm departure time.


Sources told local news agency, ANI that the discovery was made just before the plane took off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It was later replaced with a Boeing 787-8 aircraft, they said.

Sources the Prince of Bhutan was one of the passengers left stranded at the airport.

However, in a tweet, Air India clarified that contrary to reports in the media, there has not been any incident involving ants nor was there a delayed take-off.

Similar incident

In May this year, an Air India flight from Delhi to Newark, USA made a return to the airport mid-air after the pilot reported the presence of a bat onboard.

Although the flight departed according to schedule, the pilot told Air Traffic Control that the bat was spotted onboard the plane about half-an-hour mid-air.

The captain then decided it was best to fly the plane back to its departure point.

The Boeing B777-300ER aircraft was then fumigated, resulting in the death of the trespassing mammal, whose carcass was recovered from the eighth row of the business class.

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