Covid-19: Woman stuck living with blind date due to sudden lockdown

A woman was having dinner with a blind date when the city of Zhengzhou went into an abrupt lockdown.

When officials announced a sudden lockdown in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, a woman was having dinner in the house of a blind date. She told of how she had to spend several days in the home of her date.

Not Ideal

The woman, only known as Wang, shared her ordeal with followers on the Chinese social media platform, WeChat, last week.

According to her, she had returned to the city from Guangzhou ahead of the Lunar New Year and had decided to take up her parents’ offer on fixing her up with prospective suitors.

I’m getting old now, my family introduced me to 10 matches … The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner.

However, halfway through the meal, it was announced that residents of the city were expected to shelter in place with immediate effect as Covid cases spiked.

Wang was therefore unable to leave her date’s home, a situation she described as 'not ideal', local media report.

Mediocre Cooking

She has been documenting her stay with short videos on social media. Although this did not morph into the love story that many were hoping for, Wang did commend her date’s efforts:

Besides the fact that he’s as mute as a wooden mannequin, everything else [about him] is pretty good. Despite his food being mediocre, he’s still willing to cook, which I think is great.

She had to take down the videos which got viral, attracting unwanted attention to the gentleman in question.

Friends have been calling him and I think this has definitely affected his life, so I have taken them down for now. Thanks everyone for your attention … I hope the outbreak ends soon and that my single sisters also find a relationship soon.

China has a zero Covid-19 policy, meaning that swift lockdowns are routinely imposed in communities when cases of the virus are detected.

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