Couple disgusted to find dead lizard in takeaway curry

After throwing up a couple of times, the pair consulted a doctor, who prescribed them some medication to prevent any infection from the dead reptile.

A couple was left shocked and disgusted after finding a dead lizard in the pack of takeaway curry they had ordered. They filed a complaint with the police after the management of the restaurant, where they bought the food, failed to acknowledge the mistake.

Unwanted Extra Meat

The duo, Kaustav Kumar Sina and Risha Sharma, ordered the meal last Friday while self-isolating at their home after testing positive for Covid-19. They ordered curry from Punjabi Rasoi, a restaurant in the northern Indian city of Uttar Pradesh, where they live.

The meal was delivered by an agent of food delivery service, Zomato. They dug into the food, only to realize shortly later that there was a dead lizard in the sauce.

Creeped out by the discovery, they vomited the food they had already eaten. They then called their doctor, who recommended they take some medication to prevent any infection that could be transmitted from the dead reptile.

Sina took to Twitter to notify Zomato about the unusual addition to their meal. He wrote:

Shocked now to find a dead lizard in the food we ordered from 'Punjabi Rasoi' restaurant at Greater Noida West. Now we all are purposely throwing up. On top of covid this was so absurd experience.

Complaints and Refunds

The food delivery company reached out to him on the same platform to say they were investigating the issue.

Kaustav, as per our telephonic conversation, your concern has been addressed. Do reach out to us for any further assistance.

According to local media, the couple was given a refund from Zomato, but the restaurant where the food was bought from, has not been cooperative. In a follow-up tweet, Sina wrote:

Just to let you know nothing has been addressed. When it happened? This restaurant is still functional. I need to be in loop what actions you took. I don't see anything happening and for me this was too severe to let it go. I am going legal for what we went through.

A few days later, they lodged a complaint with the police, who are looking into the matter.

Woman finds a lizard's head in a jar of sauce from Lidl Woman finds a lizard's head in a jar of sauce from Lidl