Cheeky teens are exploiting mask rules in a hilarious yet illegal attempt to buy alcohol

In an extremely creative yet still illegal new TikTok trend, teenagers have been exploiting mask rules to dress up as elderly women in order to purchase booze.

Starting from the 24th of July, a new law will ensure that people have to use a face mask in public settings such as supermarkets, public transport and shops. Of course, teenagers have come up with a creative way to exploit the rules on TikTok by dressing up as old people to buy alcohol.

Even though the teens are wearing a mask, the purchasing of alcohol by underage kids is still illegal. But, you have to hand it to them, its a sight better than waiting outside the store for hours trying to bribe an adult into buying you a six-pack.


The trend of dressing up like an elderly person in order to buy booze has taken off on TikTok and sees many teens using some rather creative disguises.

Many have recorded themselves using masks and sunglasses to hide much of their faces while grey powder and wigs are used to achieve that crispy old lady look. Some have even used gloves to disguise that their youthful hands lack the classic sun spots and wrinkles. Of course, the look can only be completed by donning an outfit inspired by Mrs Doubtfire.


It comes as no surprise that the stunts have gone viral. But, while many can only laugh at the desperate attempts to buy a £3 bottle of wine or some Natty Light, many have been quick to point out that the attempts are still illegal.

One girl stated in her video that she used baby powder in her hair and scarf in order to look 'matronly'. With her added mask and sunglasses she was able to buy a bottle of wine without any hassle and told her viewers the experience had her 'shaking'.

However, we cannot judge as the adrenaline of buying alcohol as a teenager is nothing more than a right of passage.

She also added that if she were asked to provide ID she'd have 'said I had forgotten it in the car and left the store'.

Honestly, we have to admit if we were still teenagers we'd probably do the same.

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