CCTV cameras captured the hilarious moment a US sheriff was caught dancing in a lift

When CCTV cameras inside a lift captured this US Deputy Sheriff's final day on the job, it certainly made for a hilarious video.

CCTV Cameras Captured the Hilarious Moment a US Sheriff was Caught Dancing in a Lift
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Tony Scherb has been the Deputy Sheriff in El Paso County, Colorado for many years. Nearing his retirement, he wasn’t going to be one to succumb to nostalgia. Instead, he decided to celebrate his departure in making this hilarious video.

While in the lift of the Sheriff’s office he suddenly began to 'throw some mad shapes', to the song Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silentó, which was being played through the lift’s speakers. As several of his colleagues joined him in the lift they started to dance as well. A truly unique and hilarious retirement party.