Canada’s Serial Pooper Is On The Loose Again After ‘Liquid Faeces Assaults’

In what may be the most bizarre crime of 2019, A Canadian resident has been charged with 5 counts of assault with a weapon. The weapon, you may be asking yourself? A bucket of his own liquefied faeces...

Possibly the worst 'shitstorm' to plague Toronto, Canada all year are the actions of a young man who on three separate occasions dumped liquid faeces on five innocent bystanders one of which was a child.

The events took place on two different Toronto University Campus'. The University of Toronto and York University. The man, Samuel Opoku was arrested last month after committing the 3 offences.

What motivates someone to throw their own poop at people they don't know is beyond us, thankfully he was arrested and stopped...

Released on bail

However! Opoku was recently released on bail following a hearing where it was determined that he currently does not pose a threat to the public, personally we wouldn't want to live in a place where having poop hurled at you is a real possibility.

Samuel Opoku had his bail hearing on December third where he was given a two- year parole. He also had to submit his DNA to the DNA database along with gaining a lifetime weapons probation. However, Opoku has since been convicted twice for failing to comply with the terms of his probation.

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